WTC Pune & Meraqui Partnership: Enhance Efficiency

May 21, 2024

World Trade Center Pune has formed a strategic partnership with Meraqui to improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of corporate organizations.

India is experiencing rapid economic growth, with Pune emerging as a dynamic city known for its industrial strength. This expansion has resulted in a heightened demand for skilled and educated workforce. As a result, there is an urgent requirement for recruitment services to efficiently identify and onboard a large number of qualified candidates within a limited timeframe.

Meraqui is an AI-based tech-enabled Workforce Management Platform that specializes in providing Workforce as a Service (WaaS) for organizations. Serving as (Software as a service)  SaaS-enabled platform, Meraqui excels in the effective management of gray and blue-collar workforces, overseeing all aspects from interviews to training.

Meraqui offers a comprehensive 360-degree Hire & Manage solution tailored for the domestic market, enabling businesses to concentrate on their operational and production growth. The platform delivers skilled workforce management, GIG workforce, flexible staffing payroll and compliance management services to ensure seamless operations for organizations.

This often entails the recruitment of thousands of employees within a matter of weeks or months, a necessity when an organization is inundated with a significant number of applications for a specific role.