WTC Navi Mumbai to Cooperate with ONDC

May 21, 2024

WTC Navi Mumbai and Open Network for Digital Network (ONDC) had a meeting for cooperation and fostering business synergy at WTC, NM on 13th May 2024. ONDC is promoted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Government of India.

Mr. Jayant Ghate, WTC NM highlighted the significant role WTC NM can play in supporting ONDC. He explored potential areas of cooperation and assured ONDC that WTC NM would inform about ONDC Services to the WTCs network as well as the WTCA. Further strengthening this cooperation, Mr. Jitendra Sakpal, WTC NM Associate also participated in a session addressed by Mr. Dheeraj Kumar from ONDC in Mumbai, signifying WTC NM's active engagement and commitment to this cooperation.

The key to this cooperation meeting was the event organized by WTC NM on "Marketing Strategies for MSMEs" where Mr. Dheeraj Kumar, as a Chief Guest had addressed the event and made a presentation giving detailed insights on various aspects of ONDC. It served as a crucial platform for fostering future cooperation and growth. WTC NM is also supporting Indian Merchant Chamber (IMC) Navi Mumbai in organizing a special session for Mr. Dheeraj Kumar, ONDC.

ONDC is key platform for expanding market scope for E-commerce Businesses and has brought together around 100 such participants.