Nov 25, 2015

NANJING, CHINA - In cooperation with WTC Tacoma, WTC Nanjing hosted four promotional events in Nanjing and Shanghai for VIP clients from various business and educational entities. The focus was to introduce and familiarize them with investing in US pension-linked real estate projects.

In this effort, WTC Nanjing joined hands with its partner, Mr. David Bovée, and his team from WTC Tacoma. Together, they invited VIP clients of Standard Chartered Bank and The Bank of East Asia to participate in the Shanghai events from 20-21st November 2015. They also invited Nanjing University’s Business College EMBA entrepreneur students as well as WTC Nanjing Business Club Members to participate in the other two events. Ms. Catherine Lee (WTCA Global Director and WTC Nanjing Executive Director) along with Mr. David Bovée and Mr. Antony Hemstad (both directors of WTC Tacoma) also attended the events in Shanghai.

Zenith Investment Group, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, focuses on US pension industry investment and financing services. The group has acquired significant experience and exposure in the investment and financing of more than 20 senior apartment community projects. With such high-quality projects in the pipeline, Mr. Bovée hopes to promote these opportunities to leading Chinese investment groups. Through building the network of associations between WTC Tacoma and WTC Nanjing, an investment bridge has been forged. This has removed intermediaries, allowing for full and accurate information related services and enabling participants to be more intimately involved with the projects.


Formerly established in early 2012, the World Trade Center Club Nanjing (WTCC Nanjing) is an important part of WTC Nanjing. WTCC rests on a total area of nearly 2,000 square meters, with 800 square meters of facilities, including seven different conference facilities with varying functionalities, as well as a modern multimedia exhibition hall. For investors with a broad, international vision, the Club also possesses powerful entrepreneurial resources and global resources to facilitate connections with more than 330 WTC members worldwide. As part of its international investment, WTC Nanjing has already formed a Sino-American platform through its events. Going forward, it remains committed to helping other leading investors hone in on and invest in quality projects overseas in order to expand their horizons and their portfolio.

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