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WTC Leeuwarden receives WTCA Sustainability Award

Apr 21, 2021


Wednesday, April 21, 2021 WTC Leeuwarden hosted a livestream event on how circularity makes a difference internationally. However, during this event the cooperation between WTC Leeuwarden and Circular Friesland was also confirmed and the WTCA Champions Award for sustainability was presented.

We were very proud to receive the World Trade Centers Association Champions award for sustainability. It was given to us by our Alderman Friso Douwstra of Municipality Leeuwarden during our live stream event on the topic circularity. Robin van Puyenbroeck of the WTC Association in New York gave a brief presentation and complimented WTC Leeuwarden for winning this award. Winning the award and signing the cooperation with Circulair Friesland are the first steps for a sustainable approach by our WTC towards this important topic.

We started the live event with Hein Molenkamp, director of the Water Alliance, giving practical examples of how circularity works for the water sector internationally. He ended with a few tips on how to take the first steps towards circularity. Then Evert Jan van Nijen of Circular Friesland and Evert-Jan Schouwstra of WTC Leeuwarden signed their cooperation to give a boost to the circular and international ambitions of the organizations in both networks.

The Circular Friesland network consists of more than 100 Frisian companies that are working (together) on the circular transition. Van Nijen: ,,Our members, pioneers and frontrunners, know what challenges organizations face when they take their first circular steps. That knowledge and experience from practice is valuable for members of WTC Leeuwarden who want to develop in the field of the circular economy."

Approximately 160 companies from the Northern Netherlands are affiliated with WTC Leeuwarden as members. These organizations operate successfully in the international (export) market. Schouwstra: "Circularity can improve the international competitive position of our companies. By entering into cooperation with Circular Friesland, our members can take the first steps in this area. Conversely, we can help the members of Circular Friesland to internationalize their business."

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