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WTC Harrisburg Achieves Basic Certification

Aug 03, 2015


HARRISBURG, PA, USA - Warm congratulations and thanks to the WTC Harrisburg team who successfully underwent Basic Certification this month in Reciprocity, International Trade Information Services, International Trade Education and inbound and outbound Group Trade Missions. WTC Harrisburg joins the ranks with WTC Accra, WTC Beijing, China WTC, WTC Las Vegas, WTC Quanzhou, and WTC Seoul who underwent the new program earlier this year.

Recognizing the need to build better information on WTCA members and increase the number of members undergoing quality assessment, the WTCA launched the new program this year. It is considered the entry level of our existing full certification program (currently Blue/Silver) and provides the additional benefit of qualifying a WTC for WTCA Board of Directors nomination eligibility and General Assembly host eligibility.

Basic Certification is an online self-certification that includes Reciprocity as its cornerstone. A WTC is required to certify in the new “Reciprocity” category, plus one additional service/facilities category. Basic Certification will enable members to highlight their strengths and contributions to the WTC Network. By providing details of their WTC operation through the completion of the InfoShare and Basic Certification forms and uploading documented evidence of services and facilities, a WTC can complete the self-certification in one to three business days, depending on the number of categories proposed. (It does not require a site visit or third party review.)

Basic Certification requirements are:

  • Must complete InfoShare form
  • Must be Member in good standing 
  • Must be current on annual dues
  • Must be brand compliant
  • Must be active within the reciprocal WTC network
  • Must be active on the WTCA platform with WTC Profile 
  • Must be re-certified every 2 years, unless undergoes Blue or Silver Certification

For more information, please contact Certification Manager Natalie Rideau at