May 22, 2024

Stakeholders from Belgium and Nigeria came together at the Residence of the Ambassador of Belgium on Thursday, 25th April 2024, for the Belgian-Nigerian Cocktail Reception, following a precursor event in Lagos on April 22nd. This gathering aimed to strengthen bilateral trade ties and foster economic collaboration between the two nations.

The reception served as a platform to highlight the potential of market access, inward investments, and outward opportunities for bilateral trade between Belgium and Nigeria. Notably, the Abuja Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a strategic trade partner to WTC Abuja, played a key role in driving Belgian-Nigeria economic collaboration, emphasizing our shared commitment to forging enduring business relationships and sustainable economic partnerships.

Attendees were informed about an upcoming business conference scheduled to convene in Brussels in September 2024. With registration already underway, this conference promises invaluable opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and exploration of potential business ventures between Belgian and Nigerian enterprises. Further details will be disseminated within the next two weeks, amplifying anticipation and interest in this significant event.

Representatives from diverse sectors, including Real Estate, Agriculture, and Trade, engaged in fruitful interactions, laying the groundwork for potential future collaborations and business facilitation between Belgium and Nigeria via the Trade Services offered at the World Trade Center Abuja.

The Belgian-Nigerian Cocktail Reception stands as a testament to the commitment of both nations to explore and capitalize on economic opportunities. As the journey continues, the shared vision of prosperity and growth remains paramount, guiding efforts toward a future of mutual success and prosperity.