World Trade Center Brest’s Club visits ETT

Jul 14, 2019

Creating a sense of community amongst members whilst sharing international trade expertise.

On June 11, World Trade Center Brest organised a visit to one of our members, the french company ETT which has been providing HVAC solutions (air conditionning, heating, ventilation and dehumidification) worlwide for 40 years. Members were invited to listen to Ludovic Angeli, export director of ETT, share the company’s strategy to grow global before visiting the plant. This event aimed at creating a sense of community along members whilst broadcasting ETT’s know-how in international trade.

In Brest, we started the World Trade Center adventure only a couple of years ago. We quickly found support amongst successful regional businesses which were enthusiastic about the unique global network WTCA represents. At World trade center Brest we decide we should use that energy and make the development of an integrated local and global network our priority.

Therefore three times a year, we organise visits of local industries such as ETT. For this visit we chose ETT because of its outstanding performance in a highly competitive market. Indeed, in the last 3 years, ETT has doubled its international activity thus broadening its sales agents and distributors network. From French supermarkets Auchan to the Yamal megaproject in Siberia, ETT is seeing an ambitious process of internationalization through. Thanks to its experience, ETT’s staff has been able to provide quality feedback and advice to other members. As Nathalie Rollo, head sales for Air Affaires, puts it « it was a great evening, many exchanges occured.»