World Trade Center Brest organizes WTCA Day

Jun 16, 2020

World Trade Center Brest is an intiative of CCIMBO - Western Brittany Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry - since 2018. It’s part of a network of 320 World Trade Centers in 90 countries, it aims to provide business development and international opportunities to companies located in western Brittany.


Alongside  World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne, World Trade Center Brest organized a webinar to celebrate the international World Trade Centers Association Day on June 12th to offer their 32 members an insight over the power and richness of its international network. 

The webinar gathers panelists from 6 WTCs : The Netherlands, USA, Algeria, India, China and Italy who will present a full on update of the situation in their region/country and their reciprocity offers to the World Trade Center Brest's members. 

Therefore, “this event is a great opportunity for our members to connect with the worldwide network and discover ways to expand their businesses” said SĂ©bastien Cann, Manager of World Trade Center Brest. 


More resilient cities

An American study conducted in 2019 showcased that the cities where a World Trade Center is located are more resilient to business fluctuations as they tend to be more connected and even attract international students.

Moreover, the World Trade Centers network is forcefully an opportunity to businesses to overcome hardships. For example, the headquarter’s amid Covid-19 quarantine, created an online plateform for the entire membership of the network that gathered limitless helpful ressources. 


Get Brest in the radar of international investors

The World Trade Centers Brest aims to reinforce the attractiveness of the Brittany region where its located. “ We want to make Brest visible in the radar of the international investors”, explains Sebastien Cann. 

Nonetheless it’s still a real challenge considering the big megalopolises of where other WTCs are present, but Brest’s dynamics are promising. 

“We have received requests from Chili, Italy and other more countries who were looking for partners from our region, I would say it’s one of our duties to get the two ecosystems connected for future business deals.” - Sebastien cann