Workshop on Innovation through Intelligence: AI

Jun 06, 2024

The digital world refers to the interconnected network of digital technologies, platforms, and devices that enable communication, information exchange, and online interactions. It encompasses the internet, social media, websites, mobile apps, digital content, various digital tools as well as services.

In today’s world, digital technologies have already altered the world we live in various ways. Globally, we are more connected than ever before and have access to vast to vast amount of information.

Digital transformation not only improves efficiency and decision-making, but it also provides a platform for superior customer experiences and global reach. With increased agility, improved collaboration, and competitive differentiation, digitalization is no longer optional, it's an essential business practice.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the basis for mimicking human intelligence processes through the creation and application of algorithms built into a dynamic computing environment. Stated simply, AI is trying to make computers think and act like humans while increasing our efficiency and saving our time in various business practices.

In this regard, World Trade Center Bhubaneswar conducted a virtual workshop themed Innovation through Intelligence: A Comprehensive Introduction to AI, Generative AI and ChatGPT exclusively for the Women Entrepreneurs.

Ms. Sanat Das, Co-founder and Director –AI & Digital, Navonmesh Labs Private Limited graced the session as a Guest Speaker and deliberated on the nuances of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through a detailed presentation, she spoke on AI value creation by 2030, introduction to AI, how AI is transforming businesses into smart businesses and types of AI. She also deliberated on Generative AI, popular GenAI tools and platforms, ChatGPT, large language model, application of ChatGPT in Businesses and its implementation. She further accentuated the ethical considerations in AI and best practices in AI.

Ms. Choudhury Jyoshna Das, Director, Bivabari Fashions Pvt Ltd & Honorary Convenor, WTC Bhubaneswar Women Forum delivered the welcome address.

Earlier in the session, Ms. Nimeshika Natarajan, Assistant Director, World Trade Center Bhubaneswar welcomed the guest speaker, participants and moderated the session.

Ms. T Sweta, Officer-Trade Promotion & Marketing, World Trade Center Bhubaneswar proposed the vote of thanks.

The session was held on Thursday, 6 June 2024 on a virtual platform.