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Workshop on 5G Wireless Networks & IoT

Dec 01, 2017


A Workshop on 5G Wireless Networks & IoT was organized at World Trade Center Bengaluru on 3rd November, 2017. The event was jointly organized by Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka (CLIK) & eMERG. The speaker of the Workshop was Ms. Shashi Mariputtana, Director, Strategy & Business Planning, Intel Corporation, USA.

The speaker presented an overview on how 5G goes beyond smart phones, in enterprise driving new business opportunities with ultra-reliability and low latency, massive M2M connectivity and enhanced mobile broadband citing examples from Manufacturers, Healthcare and Airlines. 5G unleashes the full potential of the cloud by opening up new business opportunities for operators and potential for new B2B revenue streams. It gives more granular control for workloads and usages, creates whole new classes of cloud services and enables the cloud to deliver deeper insights and more accurate analysis. Matching cloud services to diverse delivery needs – wireless broadband, real-time control, IoT/Sensors, video streaming.

The future of 5G world will be deeply connected and provide for a constant stream of communication between people and people, people and things, and things to things. However, unlike previous mobile network technology, 5G will not render existing 4G/LTE networks obsolete, instead allowing them to symbiotically coexist and serve as the foundation for which many 5G Use Cases and Applications will be delivered.

The event also had other eminent speakers such as Ms. Uma Reddy, Founder & Past President, eMERG, Mr. Mohandas U, President, CLIK and Mr. Balaram Menon, President, World Trade Center Bengaluru.