Jul 25, 2018

On July 9th World Trade Center Trieste was pleased to attend the gathering event organized by World Trade Center Algiers, that took place in their Club Export.

Almost every month, World Trade Center Algiers sets a meeting up to involve professionals from all over the world and its Member in order to spread some technicalities and specific themes focused on business opportunities among the local community.

This time, Mrs. Cristina Sbaizero, CEO of World Trade Center Trieste and Mr. Paolo Lio, from Gruppo Clas S.p.A. – Member and Partner of World Trade Center Trieste – have been invited to tackle the topic of fostering international cooperation through European funding instruments, majorly focusing on Algeria and its needs nor opportunities.

Having the chance to know better the local market and business target will enhance cooperation between Italy and Algeria.

Mrs. Cristina Sbaizero, CEO of WTC Trieste and Mr. Ahmed Tibaoui CEO of WTC Algiers, have reiterated their commitment in strengthening the relations of both WTC's Members, through the signature of a MoU detailing their bilateral cooperation.

This commitment goes in line with the essence of the WTC Network, that brought to the international business community a trustworthy channel, where different members can count on each other’s support to grow their business through the implementation of global trade best practices.