The Evolution of Cybersecurity

Oct 28, 2019

Hackers are getting in. Now what? Americans no longer believe there’s an organization immune from a data breach. Businesses feel like cybersecurity companies have broken their promises to stop hackers. So, where do we go from here? There is an evolution of cybersecurity underway right now, and Seattle-area organizations are at the forefront. In this panel, we will explore a number of questions:

  • There will never be 100% protection from hackers, so how should businesses build a cybersecurity plan?
  • How have hackers evolved in the past two years?
  • How should businesses detect and respond to threats when they happen?
  • What should businesses do if they can’t afford a big cybersecurity price tag?
  • Can businesses trust vendors and suppliers anymore?
  • How should organizations talk to consumers about the risk of breaches?

Join us November 5, 2019 to learn what businesses are doing right and what they’re doing wrong in the fight against cybercriminals.


Julie Engbloom, Privacy & Data Security Team Co-Chair, Lane Powell
Michael Hamilton, Founder, CI Security
Ellen Wiegand, VP and CIO, Virginia Mason Medical Center
Dave Wolf, VP and CISO, WaFd Bank

Moderated by:

Jake Milstein, CMO, CI Security

7:00am: Doors Open, Coffee & Tea, Networking
7:30am: Breakfast Buffet
8:00am: Panel Discussion followed by Q&A
9:15am: Networking

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