Technological Festival at WTC Moscow

Nov 01, 2022

WTC Moscow Congress center hosted the technological festival of the Abilimpix movement from October 27 to 31, in parallel with the National Championship of Professional Mastery among disabled people and persons with disabilities of the Russian «Country of Opportunities» presidential platform.

Abilimpix is ​​an international non -profit movement that has been born in Japan and has developed in the world since 1972. Now 50 countries of the world are taking part in it. Russia has joined this international movement in 2014. In 2017, the Abilimpix contests in Russia became part of a unique platform «Russia Country of Opportunities», uniting various personnel and social projects, in which Russians from school to «silver» age could participate.

The main goal of the program is to give the participants the opportunity to master the key stages of project activity in practice, which includes the formation of the project team, identify urgent problems, the generation of ideas to solve the selected problem, study the urgent significance of the idea, build a implementation plan, ensure financing and protecting the project. Work with experts and representatives of directions will expand the horizons in terms of social capabilities of people with disabilities.

This year a Technological festival was established in Moscow.

The head of the National Center «Abilimpix» Alexei Vasilchuk noted: «Participants of the Russian Abilimpix national team have not yet been able to test their forces at the international level. And we decided that it would be useful to hold the International Technological Festival, during which the contestants of the national team will be able to not only demonstrate their skills, but also get acquainted with foreign masters and gain new knowledge. For example, the training course will allow them to obtain skills in preparing projects and their implementation from scratch».

In the days of the event for the contestants of the Russian national Abilimpix team and representatives of the movement from foreign countries are going to conduct an 18 -hour training course on project activities, which contains two practical cases. Participants will be divided into 10 design teams in certain areas, each of which, together with a design manager, psychologist, representative of partners-employers and an expert in this field, will work on the formation of the project-from the organizational and preparation stage to its presentation. The main result of the festival will be public protection of prepared projects with the subsequent issuance of certificates. In total, about 400 participants are expected, including from the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Azerbaijan Republic, the Republic of Armenia and other countries.

Shortly before the event, the coach of the National Abilimpix national team in the competence «Virtual and Augmented Reality» Roman Aslanov shared: «We are looking forward to the beginning of the technological festival. This is a meeting of professionals who will unite many guests: colleges and school students, education workers, business representatives and experts in various fields. I expect that representatives of various specialties will be able to find friends in interests for further fruitful work in the future».

On October 27 the opening ceremony of the technological festival will be held. The hosting events will be the TV presenter of Channel One Svetlana Zeynalova and Dmitry Sheshukov. The ceremony will be performed by the Children's Theater-Studio and other creative groups and performers.

In addition, within the framework of the festival, a cultural and leisure program is provided for the participants, which includes business games, competitions, thematic concerts with the participation of inclusive groups and visiting exhibitions and excursions. Meetings with honorary guests, heads of public organizations of disabled people, representatives of partners-employers, ambassadors of the Abilimpix movement are also planned.

 Participants in the National Abilimpix national team Russia, which includes 177 contestants - winners of previous national championships at 55 competencies of the Abilimpix International Championship program, will be able to communicate with participants in the international movement from other countries in an informal setting, as well as conduct master classes with the participation with the participation of industrial partners on various competencies.