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TechEx - EU GDPR Training

Nov 03, 2018


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The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation in now in place. It applies to all firms doing business in the EU, even if your firm has no physical presence there. Fines for non-compliance are substantial and far reaching. Join us for a training session with TechEx team member attorney, Joel Henry, and commercial specialist, Isabelle Roccia, of the U.S. Mission to the European Union who will be video conferencing from Brussels, Belgium. Isabelle will provide guidance on current enforcement of the Eu GDPR while Joel will cover the fundamentals of an effective compliance program and practical steps to get one in place. You can also register for a one-on-one meeting with Joel after our morning session. Register by calling 406.243.6982 or e-mailing 

 $89.00 - Morning session: 2.5 hour training on "how to" of internal compliance   $149 - Morning session + 1:1 meeting with our expert Joel Henry

A little bit about TechEx: TechEx helps Montana businesses in industries such as cloud computing, photonics, and bioscience move to the forefront of technical exports by bringing together an experienced team in International trade and technical law and offering practical training based on the every-day experience of real Montana companies.