Recap of the 2024 WTCA European Meeting in Dresden

Jul 09, 2024

From June 10 to June 12, the 2024 WTCA European Regional Meeting convened at World Trade Center (WTC) Dresden, bringing together 42 WTCA Members representing 32 WTC licenses. Held in the charming, historic city of Dresden, Germany, participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions, explored cutting-edge innovations, and forged valuable connections.

The event started on Monday with sub-regional meetings: 

  • The WTCA Francophone Initiative reunited for a workshop on the 2025 WTCA Global Business Forum to be held April 6-9 in Marseille, France; and the support they will provide to the host, WTC Marseille Provence, in the months leading up to the Forum
  • The Nordic WTC businesses had their yearly in-person meeting, with representatives from Sweden, Norway and Denmark discussing ways to collaborate with each other as well as the global WTCA network, with the special participation of Ms. Sbaizero, WTCA Board Member, CEO of WTC Trieste and Honorary Consul of Sweden in Trieste
  • The German WTC businesses met for their first-ever in-person meeting, allowing them to do a meet and greet amongst the national network comprised of three national and three bi-national WTC licenses
  • The WTC Netherlands Alliance enjoyed Tuesday’s lunch break to reconnect for their second meeting of 2024

For the Welcome Reception held on Monday evening, our Members participated in the inaugural WTCA Open Investor Day – “Unlock the WTC Potential.” The high-level networking event aimed to showcase the WTCA brand proposition to a broad audience of decision makers in Germany, in support of further expanding the WTCA footprint in the German market. Participants explored the core pillars of the WTC concept, emphasizing value creation for all licensees. Discussions revolved around unlocking the immense potential within the WTC ecosystem, fostering collaboration and growth.

Open Investor Day

Attendees at the Inaugural WTCA Open Investor Day held at  Albrechtsberg Castle Dresden o n June 10. 

Board of Directors still need to determine the plans they have with their license. We have started these conversations a few months ago. Same situation as WTC Milan - I proposed a workshop to put all options on the table and determine a plan of actions, but the owners have not responded yet. 

The following two days were focused on learning, exchanging, collaborating, growing and interacting between the WTCA’s European Members. Participants paid particular attention to the importance of understanding cultural differences in doing business, and enjoyed the alternating sequence of session formats, locations, and activities that kept them entertained, interested and focused. 

During the afternoon on the second day, we participated in the 18th annual Silicon Saxony Day, a premier gathering that offers a deep dive into future technologies and business solutions encompassing hardware, software and connectivity, held at Dresden Airport. The second day concluded with a fascinating guided tour of Dresden’s architectural gems and historical landmarks. We enjoyed the evening by the Elbe River, providing a picturesque setting for networking, dinner and some dancing!

Another new addition to this year’s European Meeting was the series of interactive workshops held on the last day in which seating arrangements were assigned to encourage cooperation between Members from all over the continent. Participants were particularly enthusiastic about this new format, allowing them to provide concrete examples and best practices for generating revenue within the region as well as to  work together to find common denominators between various WTC business clubs. 

The WTC Dresden team and all participants deserve commendation for orchestrating and actively partaking in this year’s successful event. As we look ahead, stay tuned for more updates and opportunities within the WTCA community.

Check out the sizzle reel of the 2024 WTCA European Regional Meeting here.

Check out the sizzle reel of the inaugural WTCA Open Investor Day – “Unlock the WTC Potential” here.

Lastly, if you have ideas and suggestions for future WTCA European events, please reach out to WTCA Membership Development Lead – Europe Anaïs Jan at

NOTE: The WTC Dresden license was granted in 1992. Within its 90,000 sqm complex, WTC Dresden seamlessly combines business, administration, culture, and science — with their office and commercial space, a theatre, the 4-star Elbflorenz Hotel, conference and event spaces as well as shopping and recreational facilities — making it a complete destination for professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

Erm Photo1

Cristina Sbaizero (WTC Trieste), Robin van Puyenbroeck (WTCA Headquarters), Manuel Rees (WTC Dresden), Lianne van den Boogaard (WTC Eindhoven) , Jacques Tourel (WTC Warsaw) and Yaël Savignac (WTC Marseille Provence) brainstorming during the Sustainability workshop.

Erm Photo 5 7.10

WTCA European Regional Meeting participants during the tour of the historical city of Dresden.

Erm Photo 2

Aleksei Savrasov representing UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and discussing collaboration with the WTCA and its Members.

Erm Photo 3 7.10

The WTCA Francophone Initiative representatives participating in the WTCA Open Investor Day event on Monday evening (June 10). 

Erm Photo 4 7.10

Ed Allison-Wright (WTC Gibraltar), Manuel Rees (WTC Dresden), José Magro (WTC Lisboa) and Luciano Menezes (WTC Lisboa) on the rooftop terrace of the WTC Dresden tower.