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News from WTC Warsaw

Mar 01, 2021

WTC Warsaw continue to be active on zoom and webinar events during last month such as:

Series of webinar events with Latin American countries.

This series of webinars aim to familiarise Polish entrepreneurs with Latin American markets. Last month the first webinar was held on Colombia and Peru. Attended by ambassador of Peru HE Alberto Efraín Wilfredo Salas Barahona and the Ambassador of Colombia to Poland HE Javier Darío Higuera Ángel.

On March 10 will be a similar webinar event dedicated to Chile with the participation of Chile ambassador to Poland and the Polish Ambassador in Chile.

During the webinars, invited experts present inter alia market opportunities, related legal issues, tariffs, business culture and cultural differences, and banking financial support tools.

There are also case studies, where representatives of Polish companies will share their practical experiences of achieving success in this country.

This series of events "Latin America Vamos " is organised by is WTC Warsaw strategic partner organisation the Polish Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Polish-Latin American Business Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Major success to the Business Offers Platform.

The Business Offers platform receives offers from many countries looking for business matchmaking with Polish companies. Many opportunities are posted regularly and Polish companies can connect directly to the foreign companies and also with the related embassy economic department to receive full information and can connect directly with the foreign potential partner.

“DIPLOMEETING” event- On the way to re-open foreign markets.

The event was organised Under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology.

The aim of the meeting was to obtain information on the new directions of
economic expansion, and on new possibilities of obtaining support and assistance in export activities.

The event had two parts - short speeches by representatives of Polish government institutions, and Networking. During the interactive panel of b2b meetings, Polish companies had the opportunity to talk directly with foreign diplomats and economic consuls based in Poland, on the opportunities and other trade related issues in their countries.

WTC Warsaw active in Exports of Polish Apples.

Poland is the world’s number one exporter of Fresh apples, known for their juicy delicious flavours and colourful skin. WTC Warsaw trade department is actively involved in connecting Polish producers with foreign buyers, doing QC and providing administration and financing related support to both the Buyers and sellers.

WTC Warsaw supports the Polish poultry sector.

Poland is one of Europe's leading producers of Hatching eggs and one-day chicks. WTC Warsaw is actively assisting the major producer opening new markets and in structuring a major M&A transaction.

WTC Warsaw cooperates with Poland leading LED lighting producer

Polish Led Street Lights producer has become European star in this sector, winning most major tenders by cities and governments to replace old street lights with modern economic LED lamps and new installation of new highways and international roads. WTC Warsaw supports this successful producer to win tenders also in the Middle East and Africa and to structure a new major M&A transaction.

WTC Warsaw Chairman speaks at HORASIS global events.

The prestigious HORASIS events, the Global Vision Community ( brings together highly influential group of business leaders open only to CEO’s Chairmen of the world leading companies and organisations with top government officials, public personalities, and some of the world most renowned thinkers ,in similar format to the World Economic Forum.

This month WTC Chairman Jacques Tourel will participate in Horasis extraordinary meeting in the United State. Prior to COVID-19 America benefited greatly from the accelerating processes of globalization – and even now, the US position at the leading edge of innovation is re-inventing global supply chains to interconnect fast-reacting value creation, particularly in the digital realm. How is the US impacting the global economy and potentially shaping the very nature of globalisation. Horasis events are by invitations only.