Never let a good crisis go to waste

Oct 15, 2020

“ We will overcome all of this. When?
That is the 1 million dollar question.”

The corona crisis makes us realise that we are currently living in a global risk landscape on a daily basis. Due to the complexity and interconnectedness of the globalised world we live in today, it has become very difficult to develop long-term or short-term visions based upon the existing economic models. Everyone has been looking for his or her crystal ball, trying to predict the future.

Blurring of the perception

Never before have self-proclaimed top economists or top experts been presented so gratuitously. This has sucked us into the phenomenon of the blurring of perception. Supported by this collective anxiety, short-sighted decisions are often taken at a rapid pace, with far-reaching consequences in both the short and the long term. In doing so, one often loses sight of the bigger picture, which means that measures, after they have only just been enacted, already need to be withdrawn or adjusted.

Everyone an expert

Individual opinions are taking the upper hand. Everyone suddenly becomes an expert or critic of the policy being pursued. We would almost forget about the increasing numbers of bankruptcies and unemployed people. We will overcome all of this. When? That is the 1 million dollar question.

It will never take over

The WTC refuses to join this apocalyptic doom-mongering. The pandemic is a fact we cannot ignore. It defines our daily life to the very core of its existence, but it will never control it or take over. It is up to today’s entrepreneurs to make the right choices within this volatile landscape and to dare to do so. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Don’t just make a few cosmetic changes while waiting for the return of the ‘old days’. Change.

The WTC Antwerp is ready to help you indicate the direction, to advise you in the search for new horizons.

Fred Niemans,
President WTC Antwerp (Belgium)