May 22, 2024

WTC Abuja hosted a significant meeting with MUSIAD Nigeria on Friday, 26th April 2024, facilitating discussions and paving the way for potential business opportunities to strengthen bilateral trade relations between Turkey and Nigeria.

Attendees explored avenues of collaboration and partnership, identifying specific business opportunities and strategies to enhance bilateral trade. Discussions focused on finding credible local partners for Turkish investors, business expansion in sectors like green energy, and participation in local events to increase visibility and integration, thereby promoting trade and investment opportunities within the Nigerian economy.

Several challenges hindering smooth business operations were identified, and shared commitment and actionable plans were conveyed to overcome these challenges and create value for businesses. This meeting exemplified the power of dialogue and collaboration in driving sustainable economic development and underscores the importance of forging strong partnerships in the global business landscape.

As both MUSIAD Nigeria and WTC Abuja embark on this journey of cooperation, the potential for mutual benefit and growth is boundless.