Hosts - Social Intelligence Bootcamp 2024

May 31, 2024

WTC Shamshabad and Visakhapatnam have hosted the Social Intelligence Bootcamp 2024.

The "Social Intelligence Bootcamp 2024: From Protocol to Poise," held from May 24th to 26th, was a landmark event aimed at enhancing participants' social intelligence through a series of enriching sessions, significant announcements, and memorable experiences. The bootcamp featured a stellar lineup of speakers who covered a wide range of topics, ensuring participants were left with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. The event concluded with exciting announcements about future initiatives, leaving attendees inspired and eager for more.

Overview of the Event

Objectives and Goals

The primary objective of the "Social Intelligence Bootcamp 2024" was to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate social interactions effectively. The bootcamp aimed to:

- Enhance communication skills for personal and professional success.

- Provide strategies for building and maintaining a positive image.

- Explore the importance of social intelligence in governance and education.

- Highlight the interplay between social intelligence and digital presence.

- Offer practical demonstrations and hands-on learning experiences.

Participant Demographics

The bootcamp attracted a diverse group of participants, including professionals from various industries, educators, students, and individuals keen on improving their social intelligence. The event's inclusive nature ensured a rich exchange of ideas and experiences, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Day 1: Empowered Beginnings and Celebrated Book Launch

Sessions and Highlights

The first day of the bootcamp set a powerful tone with a focus on empowering communication and building a positive image. Key sessions included:

Empowered Communication: Ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra delivered a keynote speech on enhancing communication skills for personal and professional success. Drawing on his extensive diplomatic experience, Ambassador Vohra emphasized the importance of conveying messages with clarity and confidence. He provided practical tips on effective communication, including active listening, assertiveness, and non-verbal cues.

Building a Positive Image: Anindita M Sinha, a thought leader and mentor, shared her insights on creating and maintaining a positive personal and professional image. Her session highlighted the significance of self-presentation, reputation management, and the role of authenticity in building a lasting image. Participants were encouraged to reflect on their personal branding and received actionable strategies to enhance their image.

Adapting Social Governance: Harshavardhan Erra, CEO and Co-Founder of Peepal Waste Managers, spoke about the importance of social intelligence in governance. He discussed how social intelligence can be applied to create more socially responsible policies and practices. His session underscored the need for empathy, ethical decision-making, and community engagement in governance.

Social Intelligence for Academic Success: Meghana Musunuri, Chairperson of Fountainhead Global School, shared her expertise on leveraging social intelligence to enhance educational outcomes. She discussed strategies for fostering a supportive learning environment and creating positive interactions among students and educators. Her session emphasized the role of social intelligence in academic success and personal development.

Book Launch

A highlight of the first day was the ceremonial launch of the book "SI - The Social Alchemy: Crafting Success through Social Intelligence" by Dr. Usha Yanamandra. The book was unveiled by Ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra and Mr. Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman of the World Trade Center - Shamshabad. This publication promises to be a cornerstone for individuals aiming to enhance their social intelligence and achieve personal and professional success. The book launch was a momentous occasion, celebrated with a formal ceremony and followed by a book signing session, allowing participants to interact with the author.

Day 2: Community Building and Digital Presence

Sessions and Highlights

The second day centered on the interplay between social intelligence and digital interactions. Key sessions included:

Building Stronger Communities through Social Intelligence: Sri Charan Lakkaraju, Founder-CEO of StuMagz (Forbes 30Under30 Asia 2018), focused on utilizing social intelligence to foster community building and enhance social cohesion. His session provided practical examples of leveraging social skills to create supportive and engaged communities. He discussed the role of empathy, active listening, and collaborative problem-solving in strengthening community bonds.

Projecting Your Digital Presence: Prasanna Meher Nori, a Global MNC Associate Partner, discussed strategies for creating a compelling and authentic digital presence. He emphasized the importance of a well-crafted online persona in today's digital-centric world. His session covered topics such as personal branding, content creation, and maintaining a professional image online. Participants learned about the impact of digital presence on career opportunities and personal relationships.

Power Dressing and Wardrobe Management: Sonali Verma, a global image consultant, shared insights on power dressing, wardrobe management, and gender dynamics. Her session included practical advice on creating versatile wardrobe capsules that project confidence and professionalism. She discussed the psychological impact of clothing on self-perception and how to use wardrobe choices to convey authority and approachability.

Dining Etiquette: Rochelle M Corbett, an etiquette expert, provided comprehensive training on dining etiquette, ensuring participants can navigate formal dining settings with confidence and grace. Her session included demonstrations of proper table manners, place settings, and the nuances of hosting and attending formal dinners. Participants engaged in interactive exercises to practice their newly acquired skills.

Cyber Threats and Intelligence: Bhanu Murthy.Y, Cyber Crime Intervention Officer and Sr. Manager-SCSC, discussed awareness and strategies to protect against cyber threats. He emphasized the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, providing practical tips on safeguarding personal and professional information. His session covered topics such as recognizing phishing attempts, securing online accounts, and maintaining privacy online.

Special Highlights and Participant Rewards

The second day also featured special highlights and participant rewards, enhancing the overall experience:

Three Lucky Winners: Participants had the chance to win stay and day passes sponsored by hospitality partner Aalankrita Resorts, adding an element of excitement to the event. The winners were announced during a special ceremony, creating a celebratory atmosphere.

Luxury Gifts: All participants received luxury gifts from Vanraj Luxe, enhancing their experience with high-quality fabrics. These gifts were thoughtfully curated to provide a touch of luxury and appreciation for the participants' engagement.

Organic Samplers: Wildberry Organics provided organic samplers to guests and participants, promoting wellness and sustainability. These samplers included organic products such as teas, skincare items, and snacks, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being.

Day 3: Practical Demonstrations and Creative Mastery

Sessions and Highlights

The final day of the bootcamp featured practical and creative sessions, providing participants with hands-on learning experiences:

Makeup Techniques and Personal Grooming: Rukshar Fatma Ali, a cosmetologist and founder of Go with the Glow, showcased a live demonstration on makeup techniques, skincare routines, and personal grooming tips. Her session was highly interactive, with participants encouraged to ask questions and try out techniques. She provided personalized advice and recommendations based on individual needs.

Insights from the Entertainment Industry: Tanya Choudhury, an actor and model, shared personal insights and experiences from the entertainment industry. She emphasized the importance of image and style, offering valuable advice on self-presentation. Her session included anecdotes from her career, highlighting the role of social intelligence in navigating the entertainment world.

Smartphone Photography Masterclass: Bhavik Monani, a global iconic photographer, conducted a masterclass on smartphone photography. He covered both technical and creative aspects, providing tips for taking stunning photos using smartphones. Participants learned about composition, lighting, and editing techniques, enhancing their photography skills regardless of their experience level.

Participant Feedback and Testimonials

The bootcamp received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, who praised the event for its engaging and dynamic sessions. Attendees appreciated the expert-led workshops, practical exercises, and the opportunity to interact with distinguished guest speakers. Many expressed their excitement for future events and their intention to continue participating in similar enriching experiences. Testimonials highlighted the transformative impact of the bootcamp on their personal and professional lives, with participants noting increased confidence and improved social skills.

Key Announcements

Monthly Masterclasses

Building on the success of the bootcamp, Dr. Usha Yanamandra announced that Katalyst will continue to offer immersive masterclasses every month at different locations throughout the city. These sessions will cover a range of topics including makeup, skincare, and hairstyling. Additionally, there will be dedicated Shopping Experience Days where participants can receive personalized styling advice and hands-on experience in selecting outfits that enhance their personal style. These ongoing masterclasses aim to provide continuous learning opportunities and support for participants in their journey to enhance their social intelligence.

Global Summit in UAE

An exciting announcement was made regarding an upcoming Global Summit in the UAE, organized jointly by Katalyst and the Valmiki Group. This summit promises to be a significant event, offering further opportunities for learning and networking on a global scale. The summit will bring together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world to explore the latest trends and best practices in social intelligence. Participants can look forward to a diverse agenda featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.


The "Social Intelligence Bootcamp 2024: From Protocol to Poise" was a resounding success, setting a new standard in experiential learning. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, who praised the engaging and dynamic sessions, expert-led workshops, and practical exercises. The carefully curated agenda ensured that there was never a dull moment, keeping participants engaged and eager for more. As the event drew to a close, participants left with a wealth of knowledge and a renewed sense of confidence. The success of the bootcamp sets a promising precedent for future events, leaving participants inspired and excited for future opportunities to enhance their personal, professional, and social skills. The "Social Intelligence Bootcamp 2024" has truly established itself as a premier event in the field of social intelligence, promising continued impact and growth in the years to come.