Holder of WTC BDNC & its endeavours to community

Apr 07, 2020

The BECAMEX CORP - licensed holder of WTC Binh Duong New City & its endeavours toward community

In the past 30 years, the Becamex IDC has been proactively taking part in several social responsibility initiatives in Binh Duong province in fields such as medical, education, and sports. These activities have made significant contribution to the province’s long-term development, attracting international and local investors, improving the efficiency of investment promotion and leveling up the social-economic situation of Binh Duong.

Serving the people and businesses To date, the Becamex IDC and its affiliates have worked in several communal and cultural projects such as theatres, communal cultural houses, sport and culture centers with modern facilities in industrial parks and the urban areas with the goal to enhance the living quality of local communities, creating a ecofriendly and sustainable living environment, so that businesses and their workforce can work more effectively, and the local residents can enjoy a more modern and enriched lifestyle. 

A comprehensive plan by Becamex IDC to provide accommodation for 300,000 residents with 64,000 social housing units and 30,000 worker dormitories was also approved by the Binh Duong Provincial Government. With several resources mobilized, the Becamex IDC has realize 50% of the project which is due to finish by 2021.

Becamex IDC is eyeing to accelerate the project in the coming months in order to meet the demand of the local people, especially those with dire accommodation need. The project has provided affordable and stable housing solutions to migrant workers in the province and contribute to the province’s sustainable social and economic development. Other provinces and cities have proposed to exchange and learn from the model for scaling up.

The Becamex IDC has also succeeded in mobilizing diverse resources both internationally and domestically to invest in several projects in medical and education, such as the Ngo Thoi Nhiem K-12 school system, Eastern International University, Becamex International Hospital, My Phuoc Hospital. These projects are equipped with modern facilities, addressing the demands for education, high quality human resources, medicare care for workers and their families, therefore are able to acquire a good reputation among local people and investors. Besides, Becamex IDC has upgraded the Binh Duong Stadium, as the training and competition facility for the Binh Duong Football Club, which is also able to host several sport and cultural events, encouraging the physical development of local children and people.

Cultural and sport exchange 

During its business operation, Becamex IDC has built an international network of partners and investors from many countries and regions in the world. In order to enhance the international cooperation, the company has held several cultural exchange programs. For example, Becamex IDC in cooperation with Becamex Tokyu successfully held the Japan Festival in Binh Duong. This is an annual event to foster to relationship between Vietnam and Japan and its people, which has been held in 4 consecutive years, showcasing the diverse and enchanting culture of both countries, including culinary, culture, dance, folk games and art performances, which attract tens of thousands of local people. 

Besides, Becamex IDC sponsors many sport, art or cultural events during traditional festivals and national holidays, which are held not only in Thu Dau Mot city, but also in the far flung areas of the province.

Connecting businesses and people 

Becamex IDC’s social responsibility activities is attributed by the strong connection and support for local businesses and the people, at which Becamex IDC plays a role as a facilitator and mediator of infrastructure investment and construction projects, which ensure the development of both industrial and social and services development. While industrial parks attract investors, urban areas and townships serves the needs of the workers’s living, which in turn, creates the balanced and harmonious ecosystem. This ecosystem is essentially to support migrant workers who have agriculture background, are trained for skills needed in factories and then upskilled to become high quality workers, they are the ones who make significant contribution to the businesses, the investors, and development of Binh Duong. 

The successes of these initiatives are rooted in the social missions of Becamex IDC and its philanthropic nature. Each year, the company makes contributions to several social causes, such as housing donations, providing employment and livelihood opportunities, to the underprivileged, or taking care of the invalids or the elderly. These activities are planned and executive professionally and effectively, providing a role model to mobilize other companies to follow suit. 

In the coming time, Becamex IDC will continue to join hand with the provincial government to execute the next phase of the Binh Duong Smart City project. By enhancing international integration with local and international partners, Binh Duong is moving toward a transformational, modernized and innovative approach, in economy and finance, science and technology, IT, tourism, and culture and sport. In terms of human resources, the province prioritizing in attracting skilled workers and improving productivity, attracting high tech industry investors and high value added industries, enhancing the service and commercial activities, entertainment, and living standards of local people. The World Trade Center Binh Duong New City project and the Science and Technology Industrial Part are important steps taken toward that goal. 

In response to the Father Forefront’s Campaigns calling for donations to support the Covid 19 prevention and the water crisis in Mekong Delta, the Becamex IDC made a donation of 2 billion VND.