Hainan FTP- New Business Hot Land in China Market

Feb 19, 2024

PART ONE -- What Makes Hainan Free Trade Port Unique? 

  • Government‚Äôs Support of preferential FTP Policies for international business and trade¬†
  • Convenient Travel Destination that is 59 countries within an 8-hour flight and visa-free entries for tourists from 59 countries¬†
  • 11 Major Industrial Parks with full-ranged facilities and comprehensive services¬†
  • Rich Cultural Heritage, with a blend of traditional and modern influences¬†
  • Unique Local Cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and tropical fruits.¬†
  • Splendid Natural Scenery with clear sea, silver sandy beaches, sunshine, rain forests, mountains and rivers¬†...
PART TWO --What's Trendy Now in Hainan? 

International Expo -- The 4th China International Consumer Product Expo (Mid April) 

China International Consumer Product Expo, is one of the grandest trade fairs in China. The total area of the expo reaches 100,000 square meters, with the international exhibition area covering 80,000 square meters. More than 1,300 global brands from 61 countries and regions and over 1,200 domestic labels participated in the expo, attracting more than 280,000 visitors. 

You Will Be Supported With ... 

  • Airport Pick-up and Delivery Services¬†
  • Customized Schedule Arrangements¬†
  • Exhibition Visit Supports at the CICPE ( China International Consumer Product Expo)¬†
  • Onsite Live-streaming at the CICPE¬†
  • Brand Promotion Campaign During Your Business Tour¬†
  • Networking & Other Visits with Local Business Enterprises and Organizations¬†
 PART THREE -- Who We Are? 

 F.T.P, helps you open the BIGGEST consumption market 

  • First trusted partner providing one-stop business consulting and service
  • Cooperated with over 20 international partners and 50 media in China¬†
  • Professional brand-marketing and service team with local market insight¬†
PART FOUR -- How To Contact Us? 

If you are interested in the Hainan Free Trade Port, please contact us via email at zhuxiaolan@wtchk.com or call +86 18801183838 (the same as WhatsApp number). 

A Beautiful Island with Pleasant Climate 

A New Business Hot Land with Liberal Market 

A Rich Culture with Diverse People… 

Now, Come to Hainan and Spend Your Working Holiday Here!