Growing interest of companies in BG BARCODE

Apr 14, 2020

BCCI, WTC- Sofia AF, informs that in March, an increased interest on the part of Bulgarian companies in the uploading of product data in BG BARCODE online catalogue has been observed. Manufacturers and brand owners from various economic sectors have been actively uploading information about their products in the platform.

For food products, the information is as comprehensive as possible, the attributes being in compliance with the requirement of Regulation 1169/2011, however, any other types of products marked with a barcode starting with 380 can also be included in BG BARCODE.

Once the information is uploaded in compliance with the requirements of GS1 Bulgaria and the European standards, it becomes part of a secure database, which can be shared in a unified form with consumers, trade partners, retailers, online platforms, regulators, etc. On the other hand, synchronization of key attribute data with the Global register of the GS1 international organization, makes the products visible worldwide and offers higher indexing on the search engines.

Listing products in the BG Barcode catalogue will help companies better meet the sales demands of today’s digital world, which over the last few weeks has replaced traditional stores. By uploading their products today, companies can make more effective use of the capacity of their employees without violating quarantine conditions.

The online product catalogue BG BARCODE
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