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"Fearless Leaders" WTC Women's Summit a Success

Mar 31, 2021

A spectacular lineup of World Trade Center women leaders from around the globe presented an online panel discussion on what it means to be “Fearless Leaders” and strategically manage the most considerable work-life shift in world history yesterday to a worldwide audience in honor of International Women’s month.

World Trade Center Delaware President Carla Stone was one of the panel speakers, joining WTC Savannah’s Jesse Jenkins, WTC Trieste (Italy’s) Christina Sbaizero, WTC Winnipeg (Canada’s) Mariette Mulaire, and host WTC Dublin (Ireland’s) Maureen Pace and WTC Arkansas’s Denise Thomas.

Topics discussed ranged from being proud to be authentic as women leaders to balancing work and life during the COVID pandemic. Carla Stone addressed the latter topic saying she and the First State’s World Trade Center have met increased challenges during the pandemic by “embracing technology and expanding our partnerships” by inviting speakers from other World Trade Centers around the globe to give virtual presentations and workshops such as the recent events they hosted in partnership with WTC Kabul (Afghanistan) and WTC Pune (India). She added that women tend to be more open to asking for help and was commended by the other panelists as a leader who doesn’t hesitate to reach out to pursue these partnerships and thus provide WTC Delaware members with valuable knowledge, resources and connections.

The panel discussed how women have been negatively affected by the pandemic, particularly in Europe where “social inequity is magnified” with increased unemployment figures, stated WTC Trieste’s Christina Sbaizero. However, she added that there is hope on the horizon as the WTC looks for ways to partner with the city’s government.

All of the leaders on the panel encouraged all business leaders worldwide to overcome their fears and set goals and objectives, and to reach out to them for guidance and help if they need it. The one-hour Fireside Chat provided an enlightening conversation that also covered business mobility perspectives, cultural nuances and similarities, challenges and rewards and personal experiences, teaching all business executives how to equip and guide their own organizations during turbulent times.