Cyber Security Landscape

Jul 10, 2024

The World Trade Center, in partnership with Net Access India (Murugappa Group) as our 'Knowledge Partner,' successfully hosted a pivotal webinar on July 4th, 2024. The webinar focused on the theme 'Cybersecurity Landscape - What Every Business Should Know,' aiming to enlighten business leaders and professionals about critical aspects of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape."


  1. Jayanta Chowdhury, AGM, IT Infrastructure Management
  2. Krishnan S.R, Deputy General Manager, Information Security

 The webinar underscored the imperative for businesses to remain vigilant, adaptive, and proactive in countering cyber threats amidst an increasingly digital ecosystem. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, the insights shared are poised to empower leaders in safeguarding their enterprises against emerging cyber risks.

The event was moderated by Mr. Vivek George of WTC. Participants included CEOs,Directors,CIOs, CXOs, IT Heads, VPs, Cybersecurity Professionals, Admin & Infrastructure Heads and IT professionals.