Current Activities of WTC Haikou

May 31, 2023

·The Global Entrepreneurs Free Trade Port Summit  was  successfully held .

While the Third China International Consumer Products Expo was held in Hainan, the Global Entrepreneurs Free Trade Port Summit and 2023 Investment Cooperation Development Conference was held in Haikou. As a component of the Expo, the Summit was hosted by WTC Haikou with the support of WTCA. Nearly 400 people attended the meeting, including leaders from enterprise confederations.

Executive President of the WTCA, Robin van Puyenbroeck, sent a video for greeting. Li Mingxing, Honorary President of The China Association for Promoting UN Procurement and Chairman of WTC Haikou, indicated that the opening up of Hainan is a positive choice of Chinese modernization. Under this background, WTC Haikou will introduce the products from WTCA members into Chinese market through Hainan. 

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· Hainan Free Trade Port Investment Promotion Conference in Shanghai and Beijing progressed smoothly.

In response¬†to the¬†the Summit‚Äôs conception,¬†the¬†WTC Haikou Promotion Conference¬†was held in Shanghai. On May 10th, the first series¬†of activities¬†‚ÄúWhy has¬†Hainan¬†become a new hot spot for global investment‚ÄĚ, co hosted by WTC Haikou and¬†Noah¬†Private¬†Wealth¬†Management, was¬†successfully held at the¬†Noah Wealth Center.

The¬†Chief¬†Representative of¬†WTC¬†Haikou¬†Zhu Xiaolan, introduced¬†the global enterprise service system of the¬†‚Äėfirst station of¬†free trade‚ÄĚ in the opening speech.¬†

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Subsequently, on May 20th, the investment introduction conference was held in Beijing in Dongjin International Center.

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· Luciano Menezes visited Beijing office of WTC Haikou.

On May 24th, Mr. Luciano Menezes, Vice Chair-Secretary of the Board of the WTCA, was invited to attend the Global Trade and Investment Promotion Summit 2023. During his visit, he came to the Beijing office of WTC Haikou and had exchanges with Chairman Li Mingxing and Chief Representative Zhu Xiaolan. Chairman Li emphasized current work and prospects of WTC Haikou, and expressed his wish to deepen practical cooperation with the WTCA. Menezes congratulated WTC Haikou on its achievements, and hoped to promote win-win cooperation with the global network of WTCA. They reached a consensus on jointly promoting better development of WTCA.

WTC Haikou will continue to fulfill the mission of developing Hainan as the first station of free trade in China, and will join hands with more excellent partners and create a new future!