Business Opportunities in Supply Chain

Oct 29, 2020

On October 27th, 2020, World Trade Center Dublin hosted the webinar: The Weakest Link - Business Opportunities in Supply Chain Management in Times of Crisis with guest speakers U.S. based Cory Margand, CEO and Co-Founder of Simpliship, and Netherlands based Martyn Verhaegen, CEO and Founder of Qwyk with Carolyn Jepsen, WTC Dublin Marketing Director as moderator.

During the fireside chat, Cory and Martyn discussed the weak points of the global supply chain in times of crisis as they shared their vision on how innovative companies can help logistics players ignite their boosters to become front runners in the new digitized supply chain.

The experts also touched on the complexities of the impact of COVID-19 to create sustained logistics resiliency, supply chain collaboration on delivering a vaccine, and pricing changes throughout the global pandemic.

The CEO’s also conversed about their key focuses for a winning logistics strategy during the new global paradigm touching upon factors such as flexibility and adaptability, risk management and customer feedback.

To view the full webinar, follow this link:


Cory Margand – CEO/Co-Founder of Simpliship

Cory has over 14 years of experience in end to end Supply Chain Management with a focus in Logistics at global brands such as Adidas and Reebok. He has worked with companies of all different sizes designing SCM infrastructures and processes to ensure world class service and superior ROI. Cory is an end to end Supply Chain expert that is passionate about moving the industry forward with technology. He is also the Co-Founder & CEO of SimpliShip, a published author, inventor, and mentor to both tech and young professionals.


We simplify international shipping by developing technology that empowers businesses of all sizes to become shipping pros. SimpliShip is focused on creating products that amplify the business capabilities required to keep pace in today's rapidly evolving supply chain. Concentrating on API connectivity and freight procurement innovation, SimpliShip creates solutions that empower companies of all sizes with speed of response, machine-scale communications and industry leading supply chain expertise

Martyn Verhaegen – CEO/Founder of Qwyk

Experienced Founder with 10+ years of experience and demonstrated history of working in the logistics information technology and services industry. At Qwyk we combine bleeding edge technology with extreme customization options. All of our applications are built with your customer's perspective in mind to provide them with your brand, which they have grown to trust, while backing your business up with unparalleled technology that enhances your customer interactions.


Qwyk, established in 2017, has developed an industry-leading, cloud-based schedule management platform used by the world's top logistics companies to provide service information to their customers. Today, Qwyk is responsible for serving thousands of sailing schedules on behalf of the companies that move our goods around the world. At the same time, Qwyk has created smart plug-and-play portals. These allow freight forwarders of all sizes to better and faster interact with their clients, increasing their customer satisfaction right from the start.