Board meetings of the WTC and Expo Center outlined areas of joint work

Oct 31, 2013

Two board meetings were hosted by the World Trade Center Moscow, that of WTC, and that of Expo Center. Directors of the two companies discussed areas of mutual promotion of the two companies’ brands, and matters related to security at the WTC and Expo Center. The session was attended by Sergei N. Katyrin, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Summarizing the discussion, the two Boards approved plans of interaction on the above-mentioned issues. General Director of OAO WTC Vladimir Salamatov and General Director of ZAO Expo Center Sergei Bednov signed documents defining areas of collaboration.

«We aim for high-quality interaction, and for the next year, we have planned a few joint events,” said Mr. Salamatov. The chief executive of the WTC had no doubts of the project’s synergetic effect, saying, “The WTC and the Expo Center have a successful collaboration experience behind them, and we will continue moving in that direction.”

“Joining financial, information and intellectual resources will bring positive economic effect to both companies,” stressed Mr. Bednov. He also emphasized the importance of joint efforts in promoting security of participants and visitors of events run at the Expo Center and WTC.

Summarizing the discussions, Mr. Katyrin highlighted the necessity of using the opportunities provided by the system of chambers of commerce and industry for an even more efficient promotion of the services provided by the Expo Center and WTC.