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50% of WTC Ciudad del Este´s units sold

Aug 26, 2019


Tower 1 of WTC Ciudad del Este´s complex construction process is moving really fast. This building will have a total of 12 floors, with up to four office spaces of 120 square meters each. The retail area will have 13 units, to be used as coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores for premium brands.

WTC Ciudad del Este is located on a 30,000-square-meter area, next to the major highway of the area connecting to the city of Hernandarias nearby. 

This WTC will also hold a 3,000-square-meter BMW showroom in charge of the brand owners in Paraguay, Perfecta Automotores. A hotel is also part of the master plan, due to be built on another stage of the project.

Tower 1 of WTC Ciudad del Este calculated investment is US $10 million. Each office is valued at US $200,000, this price includes parking space. At this moment 50% of the 48 office spaces are already sold.