• WTC Xiamen to host the ICEIE - China Xiamen International Cross-border E-commerce Industry Expo (ICEIE) will take place on June 11-13, 2021 at Xiamen international Conference & Exhibition Center. The expo will be hosted by the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and the CCPIT Xiamen / W... more


  • Government-Enterprises Online Dialogue - CCPIT Xiamen / WTC Xiamen co-hosted the “Government-Enterprises Online Dialogue on Optimizing the Business Environment of Fujian Province” which was held online in Beijing, Fuzhou and Xiamen simultaneously on November 13. The organizer of this virtual meeting is China Council ... more


  • CCPIT Xiamen organized TPOs meeting - On Jan 25th, CCPIT Xiamen(WTC Xiamen) organized the first quarter TPOs Networking 2018. Representatives from Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Canada, Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia, Uzbekistan, and other countries and regions gathered to brainstorm for new ideas for coo... more


  • WTC Xiamen held the TPOs Meeting Q1 - XIAMEN, CHINA - On February 18, CCPIT Xiamen /WTC Xiamen held the TPOs Meeting Q1 & Media Networking 2016 in Xiamen. TPOs from 17 countries and regions including Australia, Britain, Germany, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao... more


  • Weaving for future in India - On December 18, CCPIT Xiamen and Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC) co-organised the “Go India-- Promotion Event for Textile and Apparel Industry”. Ms. You Yuhong, Secretary-General of CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen and WTC Xiamen presided over the meeting.Mr. Yan Zhiping, Vice-Chai... more

  • CCPIT Xiamen led enterprises “Go Australia” - On December 8, based on the signature of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, CCPIT Xiamen and Austrade co-host “Go Australia—A Win for Business and Consumers”. Mr. Su Yuqun, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen, and WTC Xiamen, presided over the activity.Mr. Zhong Xingguo, ... more

  • WTC Xiamen signed MOU with WTC Mumbai - Recently, Chen Zhong, Vice-Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen and Mr. Lin Jun from Indian liaison office of COIC Xiamen visited WTC Mumbai for business discussion with relevant Indian trading companies and consulting companies. Also, with Mr. Wang Xun, Vice-president of the World Trade ... more

  • CCPIT & WTC Taiwan High-Level Meeting - CCPIT & WTC Taiwan High-Level Meeting was held in Xiamen on December 3rd, 2015. Zhang Wei, Vice Chairman of CCPIT, and Huang Wenrong, Secretary-General of WTC Taiwan attended with 49 representatives from 16 CCPIT Sub-Committees and 17 participants from WTC Taiwan. The meet... more

  • Business Opportunities in Africa & Latin America - To further promote enterprises in Xiamen and neighboring cities to go global, CCPIT Xiamen organised Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets (Africa & Latin America) on November 27th.Leaders of national chambers of commerce from 18 countries including Cote d’Ivoire, Gha... more

  • Promote “the Belt & Road” Initiative - “The Belt & Road” Initiative is key to the development of Xiamen in the near future as Xiamen is a strategic propeller in this great undertaking. The whole city is working to fulfill the set target, so as CCPIT Xiamen. As the trade and investment promotion agency, CCPIT Xi... more