Promote “the Belt & Road” Initiative

Oct 10, 2015

“The Belt & Road” Initiative is key to the development of Xiamen in the near future as Xiamen is a strategic propeller in this great undertaking. The whole city is working to fulfill the set target, so as CCPIT Xiamen. As the trade and investment promotion agency, CCPIT Xiamen has been, and will always try its best to create a preferable international business environment and promote the trade and investment between Xiamen and the rest of the world.

As the significance and goals of B&R initiative become increasingly clear, CCPIT Xiamen has clarified three major aspects that it will work on in the year ahead.

First and foremost, step up the level of connectivity through enlarging CCPIT Xiamen’s international liaison network. That includes the establishment of “the Belt & Road” liaison network with the foreign embassies and consulates in China, chambers, associations, and WTCs of countries and regions alongside the B&R. In addition, increase the COIC Xiamen overseas liaison offices. CCPIT Xiamen will strive to fulfill the goal to open up 40 overseas liaison offices by 2020 in Xiamen’s major trade hubs, preferred investment destinations, and cities with strong radiating capacity along the B&R region.

Moreover, forge a complete matchmaking platform to promote economic and trade cooperation. This aspect, being a vague concept, however, will be conducted via four detailed channels. Firstly, brew the Belt & Road series events. In the past few months, CCPIT Xiamen has already organised two events in this framework, the 3rd Go Africa Roundtable and the 14th World Business Leaders Roundtable focusing on cross-border e-commerce. Next, “Go India” and “Go ASEAN” will be held soon. Secondly, promote quality Xiamen Brands to the B&R countries and regions through overseas exhibitions. Thirdly, encourage the development of cross-border e-commerce industry, including supporting local enterprises to set up the overseas warehouses and encouraging local enterprises to work with their counterparts through online platforms. Fourthly, stimulate bilateral investment and trade between Xiamen and the rest of the world, especial emerging markets such as Africa and India.

Last but not least, advance trade and investment through improving commercial service. This consists of four sub-aspects. First, promote trade facilitation. CCPIT Xiamen maintains advantages with its authority to issue preferable certificate of origin. With the commercial certifications and preferable certificate of origin, enterprises can substantially cut down its cost and improve the efficiency in customs declaration and settlements. Second, make the most of the resource of CCPIT to cooperate with associations and chambers alongside the B&R to educate local enterprises with the legal knowledge such as intellectual property right protection, risk management, conflicts meditations, etc. Third, improve the trade conflicts warning system with more lectures being organised in this field. Fourth, conduct and release more detailed research through Wechat and website on markets and industries in the countries and regions along the B&R as a reliable reference to the local enterprises in their process of going global.