CCPIT & WTC Taiwan High-Level Meeting

Dec 04, 2015

CCPIT & WTC Taiwan High-Level Meeting was held in Xiamen on December 3rd, 2015. Zhang Wei, Vice Chairman of CCPIT, and Huang Wenrong, Secretary-General of WTC Taiwan attended with 49 representatives from 16 CCPIT Sub-Committees and 17 participants from WTC Taiwan.
The meeting first reviewed the agenda set in the meeting in 2014 and the two sides exchanged idea on various aspects and reached extensive consensus, including cooperation in exhibition, information sharing and promotion, and co-organise trainings, etc.
Vice Chairman Zhang said since 1990s, CCPIT and WTC Taiwan have become the largest and most influential TPOs in each side of the Taiwan Straits. The Meeting between the two organisations has become a stable and systematic channel for the two parts to exchange and communicate. Right now, especially after the historical meeting between Xi and Ma, China’s President and Taiwan’s top leader, CCPIT and WTC Xiamen should take its own edges and further strengthen collaboration in cross-border e-commerce, information exchange, training, arbitration, legal services, etc. to reach common development. Secretary-General Huang expressed gratitude to CCPIT for the support given to them. He hoped that in the coming year the two organisations could have wider and deeper cooperation under the framework of the National 13th Five-Year Plan and the Belt & Road Initiatives.
Other participants also had an in-depth exchange of views.