Ag In Motion

Ag in Motion is the largest outdoor farm expo in Western Canada, featuring the latest advancements in agriculture technology and equipment. We’re located at Discovery Farm Langham, just 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Ag in Motion brings farmers, industry leaders and agricultural experts from across Canada and around the world together to experience what we love most – agriculture.

We foster growth, innovation and sustainability by providing a platform for agriculture industry professionals to connect, share knowledge and collaborate on solutions for a better future. By working together, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural industry.

Ag in Motion is more than just an event – we are a community. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can learn, grow and connect.

Ag in Motion was created in 2015 with our first event in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Since then, we have grown significantly, with over 30,000+ attendees and 550 exhibitors from around the world. With live field demonstrations, educational events and networking opportunities, it’s a must-attend event for anyone in the agricultural industry.