Summary : English Training Breakfast June 18th

Jun 21, 2021

During our Virtual English training breakfast that was held on the 18th of June, Members from the WTC Rennes Bretagne had the opportunity to learn more about Globalization and its effects on France and Brittany through our guest speaker Fran├žois Huber , Senior Business Consultant at Mobilys Consulting .

Fran├žois Huber is a senior business consultant with extensive experience in different industrial sectors. Mobilys Consulting services are designed to support you with an unforeseen task, help your team manage problems, contribute to your strategic thinking and provide the right solution for your situation.

During this Virtual English Training Breakfast the focus was on globalization, what it is, its transitions, costs & more precisely its impact on France and Brittany. All the participants were able to discuss on this subject and exchange their different opinions and even personal experience !

A big thank you to our speaker Fran├žois Huber who gave us opportunity to learn more about globalization. A big thank you to all the participants as well for their exchanges that were of great value to all.

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