WTC Pune Partners with SIPBN Inc, Australia

Jul 24, 2023

Pune, India: World Trade Center Pune (WTC Pune) is pleased to announce that it has recently partnered with Sydney Investors, Professional and Business Networking Group (SIPBN Inc.). This partnership aims to leverage the strengths and expertise of both companies to drive enhanced value for clients and foster mutual growth in the market.

Sydney Investors, Professionals and Business Networking Group Incorporated (SIPBN) provides a premium platform to connect businesses, capital and projects with high-net-worth investors, opportunity, and information at one place through our global contacts in the investor community, business, trade missions and government departments. SIPBN facilitates international trade visits and receives visiting trade delegations to create unique business matchmaking opportunities. The members of SIPBN have exclusive access to the networking events with business leaders, policy makers and the regulators. SIPBN Inc is based in Sydney and operates globally across Indian subcontinent, US, Hong Kong, China, Asia, UK, Europe, and Middle Eastern markets.

This strategic partnership between World Trade Center Pune and SIPBN Inc. goes beyond a mere collaboration; it represents a powerful endeavour to capitalize on the collective resources and expertise of both organizations. With a shared vision of fostering economic prosperity, World Trade Center Pune and SIPBN Inc. are committed to creating an ecosystem that nurtures and supports entrepreneurs and businesses.

The aim of this partnership is to strengthen ties between India and Australia. The governments of both countries recently ratified an interim free trade agreement called the India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA), which has been in effect since last year. Recently, discussions also focused on opportunities for deepening India-Australia economic cooperation and the India-Australia Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT).

The collaboration between SIPBN Inc. and WTC Pune will be utilized to support their respective members in achieving global growth and development. With WTCA’s extensive network, partners will have access to vast opportunities for expansion in India and across the world. Furthermore, WTC Pune also looks forward to expanding in Australia through SIPBN Inc. This partnership aims to provide partners with a broad platform to explore and capitalize on international development prospects.

Regarding this partnership, WTC Pune CIO Niraj Khinvasara said “We look forward to this partnership with SIPBN Inc and are very excited about the outcomes this will lead to for WTC Pune as well as SIPBN members. This partnership also aligns with India's vision of increased alliance with Australia as well as the wider Indo-Pacific region. We are very excited to work closely with SIPBN Inc. and further develop this strategic partnership.”

Talking about this partnership, SIPBN Inc. President, Raman Bhalla says, “We are absolutely delighted and honoured with our partnership with WTC Pune. It will provide platform for SIPBN members to access WTC's extensive business network in India and globally and further strength Australia India business relationship. We look forward to welcoming WTC Pune to our flagship event #CapTech2023 in Sydney.”