Solar Basket : Driving Sustainable Growth

Jun 04, 2024

In an era where the impacts of climate change are becoming more seemingly evident, the global community is placing a greater emphasis on sustainability. Solar energy has emerged as a promising and impactful contributor to this movement. It serves as a beacon of hope in our pursuit of a sustainable future, It offers a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefits. 

World Trade Center Pune has formed a strategic partnership with Solar Basket to drive sustainable growth and progress towards a unified platform for sustainability.

During our recent tour of Solar Baskets facilities, we witnessed the company's unwavering commitment to sustainability and creativity.

Solar Basket stands as services beacon of innovation in India’s solar energy landscape. 

They specialize in the manufacturing of a wide array of solar products designed for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

Their products are known for being energy-efficient, durable and incorporating the latest technology and IoT-based smart functionality. 

Some of their specialized products include -:

Solar Corporate Gifts

Solar Agro-Industrial Products

Solar Thermal Industrial Products

Enchanting Solar Garden Lights and more.

Each product is crafted with top-quality materials, innovative design and user-friendly features.

World Trade Center Pune will assist Solar Basket in its global market expansion.

WTCA members interested in collaborating with WTC Pune member are requested to reciprocate to us via email to explore potential partnership and their products.