Prejex GMBH joins hands with WTC Pune & Polybond

Dec 28, 2022

Prejex Inc., a spin-off of Germany-based Prejex GMBH, has entered into an agreement with Polybond, headed by Adit Rathi of Rathi Group, to manufacture needle-less injections.

The efforts of Mr. Niraj Khinvasara, CIO, World Trade Center Pune, and Mr. Sagar Chordia, Chairman, World Trade Center Pune, presented Prejex a data backed analysis highlighting Pune as an industrial hub with over 250 German firms.

World Trade Center Pune has helped Prejex shift the company’s global manufacturing to India and welcomes Prejex GMBH to Pune.

World Trade Center Pune will help Prejex with setting up distributor network globally.

The introduction of needle-less injections is bound to cause a reform in the delivery system of drugs in the near future. The combined efforts of Prejex, World Trade Center Pune and the Rathi Group  will hugely benefit the medical industry worldwide.