MIT World Peace University Explores WTC PUNE

Jan 02, 2024

World Trade Center Pune hosted a campus visit for more than 80 students and their faculty from MIT World Peace University as part of our industry-academia activities. During this visit, the students were provided with an extensive tour of the World Trade Center Pune, enabling them to gain deeper insights into its operations, strategic connections and its role in the industry. Niraj Khinvasara, CIO of World Trade Center Pune, welcomed Dr. Deependra Sharma, Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Swati Bankar, Associate Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Abhishek Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of the School of Business and Rachit Shrivastava, Assistant Professor of the School of Business.

The visit included a seminar aimed at broadening the students' knowledge across various industry sectors such as pharmaceuticals & healthcare, technology & sustainability and food & beverages. Kalpana Patil, Senior General Manager Commercial at Johnson Controls, provided insights into Strategic Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Automation, International Operations and Import-Export Operations. Additionally, Uyes Inamdar, partner of World Trade Center Pune delivered an insightful presentation offering a  significant outlook on drone technology. During this visit the education arm of the World Trade Center Pune known as World Trade Center Pune Academy explained the cutting-edge courses such as  Scenario Based Integrated Supply Chain Management, Business Process Overview in SAP, The Future of Drone Economy, Day Drone Workshop: Drone for STEM and 4 Year Program:  Comprehensive Drone Technology Certificate Program.