WTC Moscow hosts International ForLife Forum

Sep 22, 2022

On September 20-22, WTC Moscow hosts the V Anniversary International Forum of Oncology and Radiotherapy ForLife which has no analogue in scale and significance in Russia.

WTC Moscow has brought together leaders of the oncology industry from all over the world, specialists whose professional activities are related to helping oncological patients, in order to gain new knowledge and answers to important questions in the field of oncological practice, discuss complex clinical cases, exchange experiences, learn about advanced scientific research, consolidate efforts in providing cancer care.

Reducing mortality from cancer is one of the top-priority government tasks, which involves not only oncologists, but the entire medical community, as well as authorities. The federal project to combat cancer is included in the national project ┬źHealthcare┬╗.

On the eve of the Forum, Andrey Kaprin, Director General of the National Medical Research Center for Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia, chief freelance specialist oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, president of the Association of Oncologists of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Education noted:

┬źIn the age of breakthrough technologies and impressive discoveries, close professional communication among like-minded people takes on a special role, because cancer is still a global problem. In almost all countries, the number of such patients beats all records, and, according to World Health Organization statistics, by 2040 the incidence of cancer will be higher by another 47%. This is a serious challenge for our healthcare service, requiring maximum integration of efforts, obtaining new knowledge and improving the level of training in a continuous mode┬╗.

The ForLife International Forum of Oncology and Radiotherapy, which is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Association of Oncologists of Russia, the Federal State Budgetary Institution ┬źNMITs Radiology┬╗ of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Russian Association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncologists is designed to unite the efforts of healthcare organizers, oncologists, and the medical community and representatives of other specialties and professions involved in the treatment of cancer, to improve the efficiency of the oncological care system, the quality of life of patients and significantly reduce mortality from neoplasms.

The main slogan of the Forum is "TOGETHER - FOR LIFE!" - emphasizes that a comprehensive discussion of practical issues, acquaintance with new data, the active participation of each physician are the key to victory in the fight against such an insidious disease as cancer.

 The interdisciplinary format of the Forum brought together oncologists, chemotherapists and radiotherapists, anesthesiologists, radiation diagnosticians, therapists, endovascular surgeons, oncogynecologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, representatives of public health authorities, specialists in accompanying therapy, palliative care and many other experts .

During the event, the leaders of the Russian oncology industry and foreign speakers discussed priority areas for the development of science and clinical practice, large-scale science-intensive projects and programs, the main problems and solutions for the formation and development of a modern knowledge system, practice and development infrastructure in the field of oncology and radiology, as well as key aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in oncological diseases.

The rich scientific program of the Forum was based on modern scientific data, the latest technologies and the practical experience of world-class leading experts in various areas in the field of oncology and radiology.

In addition, a virtual exhibition platform was organized within the framework of the Forum, where more than 70 companies specializing in the development, production and promotion of medicines, medical products, high-tech equipment and solutions in the field of cancer treatment present their products.