Export 101 in Partnership with WTC Indianapolis

Wondering who you need to know and what your company needs to take your product to a global market? We've got you covered.

Indiana and Kentucky have made a major push to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs to explore foreign markets. World Trade Center Kentucky and the World Trade Center Indianapolis have partnered together for the first time to provide Kentuckiana businesses an opportunity to learn more about international trade. Since 2011, Indiana and Kentucky have combined to be two of the fastest growing States in exports across the United States. Time has never been better to start selling to a global audience, take your business to the international stage.

Our half-day primer will provide everything needed to identify international markets, classify your product, and properly determine logistics, tariff costs and documentation to safely start exporting. We'll also connect you with local resources to make the process easy!

This workshop includes:
. Export Assessment and Market Research
. Product Classifications, Value and Origin
. Export Compliance and International Logistics
. Getting Paid and Export Financing

*This workshop is an approved STEP Grant reimbursement. If you have not applied for the STEP (State Trade and Export Promotion), please visit the Kentucky Export Initiative website for more information: Click here to learn more about the STEP Grant