Doing Business In - CHINA

Our "Doing Business In" series is your primer to market entry with an expert who works in that country and can provide you with the ins and outs of developing your business operations. Whether you plan to work with a distributor or set up operations in country, the World Trade Center Kentucky has your needs in mind.

Doing Business in China - Reduce Your Risks

China Business Culture & Landscape
Culture: Guanxi and relationships, meeting etiquette, communication, meals and more
Landscape: private versus government owned business, targeted industries, China's economy and the government's plan
China on the Regulatory and Transaction level
Customs & Trade Compliance: importing / exporting - China's regulations and fees, VAT, etc.
Regulatory Issues: What are the regulatory agencies and when does it apply to your products; FDA, CCC, and more
Legal and Payments: How do you protect yourself and make sure money is paid / received
The program will run from 1:00pm - 4:00pm, followed by one-on-one meetings from 4:00pm to 5:00pm
1:00 China Business Culture and Business Landscape (w Q&A)
2:15 Break
2:30 China on the Regulatory and Transaction Level (w Q&A)
4:00 One on one consultations for 4 companies. We can accept 4 companies for one on one consultation (15 minutes)

Presenter: Kim Kirkendall, President, International Resource Development
Kim's focus has been developing and improving businesses opportunities both in and between the U.S. and China for over almost 25 years. The most important strategic economic relationship in the world today. Our clients come to us when they have exhausted other resources without solving the problem at hand. The perspective we have developed in over 25 years of doing business between China and the U.S. gives the insight needed to recognize the patterns in your company’s situation and relate them to our experience. We have the bandwidth because of years of experience with so many corporations – our knowledge base reads like a long term bench-marking study.