Elfsquad creates software for Coca-Cola

Feb 18, 2022

After an intensive test period there is a green light for our member Elfsquad  after eight weeks. Elfsquad, the fast-growing software developer from Drachten, is going to collaborate with one of the largest multinationals in the world. This means that Elfsquad is taking the next big step into the American and international market. 

Coca-Cola was looking for a software partner for the coolers they sell to companies. They needed software that would allow each user to find the ideal cooler for their situation, continent and region. With the help of guided selling, users are led step by step through the process towards a flawless configuration. After eight weeks of testing and trying out, Elfsquad proved to be the ideal partner. In addition to the implementation, other business units of Coca-Cola are now investigating whether they can benefit from Elfsquad's CPQ solution. With this, the Frisians leave the international established order behind. 

For the proud Frisian company it is the next big step within the international market. In the past three years they have grown by 150% annually, and in 2021 the team doubled in size again. Elfsquad's client base already includes several international companies, and they are now preparing for large-scale European expansion. 

Founder Jan Brolsma is of course very proud. Not only of his product, but also of the team: "When we started in 2015, I never dreamed that we would grow so fast. The people who work for us really have the same vision and work really hard with and for each other. And the fact that we are now taking such a mega-step again with a customer like Coca-Cola shows me that we are on the right track."