Past Events

  • International Trade Day - International collaboration, doing business, networking, and sharing knowledge. That is what you can expect during International Trade Day! Meet 250 World Trade Center representatives and 75 companies from 60 different countries in April in Leeuwarden.Here you can see who has... more

  • WTCA General Assembly 2018 - Dear Colleagues, Friends, In Las Vegas, all of us from World Trade Center (WTC) Leeuwarden were delighted to receive the “Atlas Globe” to signify our city—along with Amsterdam—as the Host of the 2018 WTCA General Assembly (GA). All of our guests will be presented with a progr... more

  • My Business International - 'My Business International' is an Executive Program for entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and executives that (want to) do international business. It focuses on acquiring knowledge through sharing business cases and learning about the relevant theoretical framework. The p... more

  • Trade mission to Poland - Do you have international ambitions and want to quickly make the right contacts in Sweden and Denmark? Then come with us on this trade mission. We work closely with various parties including our own WTC network, embassies, consulates and other trade promotion organizations. Th... more

  • Mastercourse: Doing Business in the USA - The United States remains by far the largest homogeneous consumer market in the world. However, to become successful in the United States, knowledge of the specific characteristics and structure of the US market is essential. "Doing business in the USA" is a comprehensive Dut... more