World Trade Center Cairo

Sep 01, 2022

World Trade Center Cairo has started an upgraded plan to enhance the services and facilities offered to its tenants and to the members of WTCs. Such upgrades include but not limited to followings:

1-      Repainting AL Façade of the office Tower (19th floor)

2-      Full Renovation of the fountain area

3-      Full Maintenance of the Wooden Mashrabeyats

4-      Replacing and installing a new fire alarm system

5-      Allocate and Fitting out two locations for Meetings, Exhibitions and Events.

6-      Renovating the Public Toilets

World Trade Center Cairo is currently operating one of its two residential towers (North Tower) as a hotel & residence under the name WTC Cairo Hotel and Residence. WTC Cairo Hotel and Residence is comprising of 104 suites varying from 175 M2 up to 225 M2 and it has been previously managed by Hilton Worldwide.  We are on the process to facelift the services and facilities offered to the guests including the swimming pool area, food and beverage, Suites renovation. Internet Service.

WTC Cairo Management and staff members are exerting their utmost efforts to make the WTC Cairo one of the best destination for leisure and corporate, and to be a focal point of international trade in the region.