WTC Amsterdam; A Significant Part of the the Zuidas Business District in Amsterdam

Feb 27, 2013

The personnel as well as their guests can enjoy the dynamic ambience of the WTC complex that combines business with pleasure, in a seamless manner. High end shops, cafes, bars and restaurants are all components in the open public areas that are truly lively and spacious. Contemporary art, high quality fixtures, abundant daylight and natural greenery all combine to add to the WTC Amsterdam’s inimitable atmosphere. With office suites of sizes ranging from 27m2 - 3,400m2 in ready to walk-in condition or as spaces that 'tenants' can customize.

Healthcare services like physiotherapists and dentists are also present at the premises. Besides, employees can easily access the many nearby banks, hotels and supermarkets. Thus WTC Amsterdam provides multiple activities under one roof to offer a dynamic and rich environment.

To enhance the international atmosphere prevailing in the whole area, lunchtime concerts and art exhibitions are also held frequently in the vast complex. Another forthcoming attraction is the International Jobfair 2013 that is scheduled to be held at the WTC.

After the advent of WTC Amsterdam, businesses can now find suitable office space right at the core of the business district of Amsterdam, where such space is at a premium. As a result businessmen can rent offices at a comparably lesser cost than in other regions of Amsterdam city. In this context, it is also important to keep in mind that the WTC Amsterdam is a significant part of the city’s Zuidas project. Symbolic of the busy business district where it is located, WTC Amsterdam reflects the golden future held for both.