WTC Navi Mumbai Trade Promotion Support

Feb 12, 2024

WTC Navi Mumbai, as part of its Trade Promotion activities, supports a number of organizations in the areas such as exhibitions and conferences by encouraging its members/associates to participate and derive advantages. Some such events that took place in first ten days of February 2024 are mentioned below.

CIIA 2024: This Innovations Exhibition & Competition organized by B S Marshalls Foundation aims at promoting Creative Ideas and Innovations in Action at the levels of Schools and College as well as Start-ups. Held in Mumbai during January 31 to February 2, 2024, it attracted a number of visitors from academia, government organizations as well as start-up community. WTC Navi Mumbai helped the Foundation in organizing the event and several of its members/associates visited and participated in the seminars and awards ceremony that took place during the exhibition.

IPLCM 2024: This International Expo onPrivate Label and Contract Manufacturing was held for the first time in Mumbai during February 8-9, 2024. WTC Navi Mumbai helped the organizers in organizing the conference sessions on diverse themes relevant to the topics as well as suggesting the guest speakers that would contribute to such conference. The Expo was a good success especially in the areas such as Agro- Processed Foods, Healthcare and Engineering. WTC Navi Mumbai Advisor Mr. Jayant Ghate and Faculties namely Mr. Harshwadan Parikh and Mr. Jayesh Khade addressed the sessions attended by several participants.

BLL Business Topline Growth Meet 2024: WTC Navi Mumbai has been the supporting organization for this Business Leadership League event since long. Held in Navi Mumbai on February 10, 2024, this BLL Meet attracted over 150 entrepreneurs. The Meet comprised of Business Success Stories, Entrepreneurs Inspiration Cases, Panel Discussions and Networking Opportunities. WTC Navi Mumbai along with IMC Chamber Navi Mumbai has regularly supported this BLL Event which is held once in every quarter.

To sum up February month in 2024 indeed was a hectic Trade Promotion Activity month for the WTC Navi Mumbai.