WTC Navi Mumbai Special Theme Session

Jan 27, 2024

The World Trade Center Navi Mumbai organized a Special Session on the Theme "Prosperity through Trade and Investment," in collaboration with D Y Patil University School of Management. It was a gathering of experts and learners on 24th January 2024.

The Session involved distinguished speakers who gave insights into the realm of International Business. Mr. Jayant Ghate WTC Advisor, while welcoming the participants, offered a deep dive into the area of International Trade and MNCs, enhancing his presentation with a relevant case study of Tourism that illustrated the practical aspects of global business operations. His in-depth analysis provided a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in international markets, highlighting the importance of cultural intelligence and market adaptability. His insights were particularly enlightening for those looking to navigate the complexities of global trade effectively.

Mr. Jitendra Sakpal WTC Navi Mumbai Associate Member, presented on the topic of International Business E-Commerce Services. His presentation provided a thorough analysis on technological advancements, current and future prospects, enriching the participants' understanding of the digital landscape in international trade. Ms. Ananya Bhattacharya WTC Navi Mumbai Intern outlined the pivotal role of WTC in fostering international business relations and its contributions to the global trade ecosystem. Her insights offered a unique perspective on the organization's impact and initiatives.

Mr. Sarva Chakrabarti WTC Intern addressed a wide array of topics under the theme of "Prosperity through Trade and Investment." He elaborated on the key developments in International Trade, the transformative impact of technologies and AI, and the various factors affecting international trade dynamics. His presentation also shed light on the diverse trading partners and the strategic role of WTCs in facilitating trade and investment on a global scale.

The seminar was not only a platform for knowledge exchange but also an opportunity for networking and discussion among professionals, academia and MBA students alike. It highlighted the importance of understanding the complexities of international trade and investment in the current economic landscape.