Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Session

Jun 23, 2023

The Y20 Brainstorming Session on ā€œPeacebuilding and Conflict Resolutionā€ was successfully held in Navi Mumbai on 22 June 2023. The session was Organised by the Government of India Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Raisina House (Thinktank) and RIS New Delhi.

WTC Navi Mumbai and ITM Business School Navi Mumbai were the Supporting Organizations for this important session attended by over 50 participants.

The event brought together esteemed individuals and organizations from various sectors to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas on promoting peace and resolving conflicts. It provided a platform for experts, scholars, and practitioners to share their insights and experiences, with the goal of developing innovative approaches and strategies for building a more peaceful world.

Panelists included Sagar Gangurde, Country Director, India at Seeds of Peace; Urmi Chanda, Doctoral Scholar of Interfaith Studies at the University of Wales Trinity, Saint David; Priyanka Bhide, Co-founder & Director of Kubernein Initiative; and Rahul Banerjee, Co-founder & Managing Director of Raisina House.Throughout the session, the speakers emphasized the importance of dialogue, empathy, and understanding as crucial tools for resolving conflicts and building sustainable peace. They shared their expertise and perspectives on various aspects of conflict resolution, ranging from interfaith dialogue to community engagement and social initiatives.

Sagar Gangurde highlighted the organization's commitment to empowering young leaders and fostering relationships across lines of conflict. Urmi Chanda, a Doctoral Scholar of Interfaith Studies, shed light on the role of interfaith dialogue in bridging divides and promoting harmony in diverse societies. Priyanka Bhide emphasized the significance of grassroots efforts and community-based initiatives in resolving conflicts at the local level.

Rahul Banerjee, Co-founder & Managing Director of Raisina House, shared insights on diplomatic strategies and the role of international cooperation in addressing global conflicts. He also very ably moderated this brainstorming session.