Workshop on Creative Problem Solving

Innovation and creativity are increasingly understood as the imperative for organizational growth and personal excellence. However, one must realize that these could be honed in a systematic and disciplined fashion, and that there exist tools and techniques of creative problem solving. Further, successful organizations treat innovation as not just an art, but a science too, and hence creativity and innovation could well be ‘taught’. 

The hands-on workshop would help you:
- Learn techniques of problem solving
- Practice tools of idea generation and short listing
- Hone a culture of innovation in teams
- Build an ‘Idea Factory’
- Sharpen personal creativity

Key takeaways:
-  A systematic approach for solving business problems
- Set-up an idea pipeline & approach of objectively evaluating ideas
- Know about what makes firms innovative and individuals creative
- Learn techniques to brainstorm with your employees & clients
- Foster a climate of creativity within your teams