Women in International Business

Women in International Business is a networking event focused on international business, with women in the leading role. A special mix of speakers and topics, where entrepreneurship, research and education come together. Women in the business, scientific and entrepreneurial world are no longer an exception today, even in the international environment. But far too little we see female speakers on the stages of business events.

Proud of many female professionals in the region with an impressive track record in the international arena in the field of business management, technology, research or education, we want to offer them a platform to meet and inspire each other. This increases diversity in the internationally oriented business network in Overijssel and helps us find (female) talent in an inspiring working environment.

On 11 October, we would like to invite women, but certainly also men, to talk with the speakers and with each other about a number of current topics concerning international business.

A special mix of speakers & topics, interactive sessions, space for networks will be present - in short an interesting afternoon for internationally oriented entrepreneurs and professionals.