SMEs: United Arab Emirates at Superstudio

MILAN, ITALY - WTC Milan present “SMEs: United Arab Emirates, how and why”, an information day and a great occasion, organized by Superstudio Group, for the small and medium-sized Italian enterprises to know the business and the development opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.

Wednesday 11 June 2014
h. 9.30am/1.00pm – 2.30pm/6.30pm
Location: Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27, Milan

World Trade Center Milan is glad to promote “SMEs: United Arab Emirates, how and why”, the new middle east markets for the “made in Italy”. The event is organized by Superstudio Group and consists of a one-day meeting with some Italian professionals established in the Emirates, to know, understand and explore the chances for the Italian small and mediumsized enterprises working in the Italian-style business, thus fashion, design, craftsmanship, luxury brands, wellness, food and services. From EXPO Milan 2015 to EXPO Dubai 2020: the right time for business is now.


H 9,30 AM

Introduction: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and the other Emirates. What is true and what is false about Dubai: dreams, lifestyle, culture, tourism, food, entertainment, the “expat” community, a population made up basically of young adults and children. Abu Dhabi is the most “European” of the cities and the capital of the United Arab Emirates: a real melting pot of cultures. Ras Al Khaimah and the other Emirates offer investment, trade and other interesting business opportunities for pioneers who want to start a new life there. To live and work close to Dubai is possible. A journey to discover the new world through the words of the expatriates that have already lived this experience. They are technical experts, professionals, institutional representatives, consultants. They know those countries and the way to enter the markets, invest and start new businesses between Italy and Middle East.
Gisella Borioli, CEO Superstudio Group, journalist, art-director and entrepreneur, organizer of the Information Day and Ettore Mazzotti, Class Editore, Director MF International and Lombard magazine specialized in investement and international business.

Expo 2020: a few years from now. Dubai and the other Emirates are already restless about it. An event which definitively launches the city of Dubai as one of the world’s main capitals and allows the other six Emirates to continue their extraordinary economic growth. How can the Italian small and medium-sized enterprises exploit the Expo in Dubai entering this great market?
Antonello Martinez, Lawyer and Co-founder Legal Office Martinez & Novebaci, President of the Italian Association Enterprise, Dean of the University of Lugano, Representative in Italy for the Dubai Government and for EXPO.

Hectic Dubai: a friendly country for Italian people. The Italian community in Dubai doubled itself in the last few years creating a “little Italy” network of professionals, businessmen and artists. Working together, they can provide consultancy services, showroom space and opportunities for professionals and companies aiming to start or develop their business in Dubai.
Luca Barbi COO and Co-founder Tiger Hill Capital, platform for accomplished investment and businessbuilding professionals Italy-Abroad.

The elegant Abu Dhabi is the UAE city of culture and a sophisticated tourist destination, famous for its international museums and for the Formula 1 races. This Emirate, which boasts huge and beautiful beaches, is the capital of the Arab Emirates and holds the economic and political power and the cultural heritage. Slower city than Dubai, life in Abu Dhabi is good and it is an even better place to work.
Alberto Nencha, President Italian Business Council Abu Dhabi, Italian trade and image promotion in the U.A.E.

Ras Al Khaimah (Rak), the developing Emirate for small and medium-sized Italian enterprises. The UAE are not the countries where you land with a suitcase full of dreams and some samples to show. The Italian style is much appreciated, people love it, but you need to follow some rules, success is not guaranteed: it must be built with due care and specific skills. We will analyze the cultural differences, the bureaucracy, the competitors and the strategies which can make the difference between success and defeat.
Luca Attanà, CEO Planet Italy LLC, Ras Al Khaimah, consultancy for the development of the Made in Italy in the global markets.

H 12,30 / 2 PM

Design, Fashion, Made in Italy. Fairs, Districts and other opportunities. Futuristic and extraordinary cities, where future and tradition coexist and the local roots look towards internationalization, new perspectives and styles. The newest fairs dedicated to Design and Art, the Dubai Design District under construction, are only some of the opportunities of a rich and interesting background which should be considered by the Italian luxury brand manufacturers.
Annamaria Tripodi, Fashion Lawyer specialized in contracts, copyright, counterfeiting in the fashion and art activities & Ilio Allas, Owner and Regional Manager PRIMA, design trade and development in the Middle East and Nord Africa.

Taxes, a true advantage but in a legal way. There are myths to dispel, realities to be known and processes to identify according to the specific needs and in order to find the right way to work and reach a good income without breaking any rule in the United Arab Emirates or in Italy. Everything you need to know about taxation
and regulation.
Stefano Meani, Unioncamere Lombardia expert in Internation Law and founder of Milano-Dubai.

Banks, Capitals, funding, Free Zones e Free Holds, local companies. The right ways.Knowing the banking system of a country is necessary to understand its reliability and long-term sustainability. Many things have changed and many others are to be changed in the near future, in this system made of banks that have raised a country - which only thirty years ago was considered underdeveloped – making it the main market in the Middle East and one of those with the most flourishing economic forecasts in the world.
Giovanni Battista Martelli, Lawyer owner of Studio Martelli & Partners Milano-Roma-Dubai, coroporate internationalisation.

What the Public Institutions can do for the Italian Excellences abroad? Design, fashion, food and art represent the world-known Italian excellences. The Public Administration is aware of those peculiarities and should intensify the internationalization missions for the Italian enterprises, supporting them with an
active approach. What does it do concretely? How to know its initiatives? How handle long processes and bureaucracy?
Marinella Loddo, Director of Milan Italian Trade Agency.

Tourism: a first step into the new world. A journey to Dubai or one of the other close Emirates can be organized as a simple vacation or as a smart way to meet and understand a new country and its opportunities, far beyond the sun, the sea, the beaches, the desert, the shopping and the natural and artificial beauties. How to plan, where to stay, where to go, what to see, what to avoid, how to discover the business places.
Lorenzo Cascino, Marketing Manager Esquire Viaggi Middle East & Dora Paradies, Country Manager Italy Tourism & Culture Authority Abu Dhabi.

Investments and real estate opportunities. D3 the new Design District. Buying a flat in Dubai, as an investment or for personal use, is still a good occasion even if with the upcoming EXPO 2020 the prices have increased. The speculation bubble of the past years has settled clear rules into the market. The expected relevant increase in the number of inhabitants consider the investment in the real estate sector as a winning choice. Within the new projects, the D3 District will host offices, residences, showrooms, hotels with fashion, design, and luxury contents. It will be the ideal place for housing the Italian excellences.
Dott. Amina Al Rustamani, CEO Tecom Investments Dubai with Catherine Thomas and Maitha Al Suwaidi of Dubai Design District.

H 5.30 - 6.30 PM

Bio Cocktail and meeting with the professionals.

The language of the meeting will be Italian.

Please contact us if you need to know how to register or for further information - +39 02 73983231

Superstudio Group, solid and prestigious company that has been working for 30 years in the fashion, design, communication, art, expository innovation visual and technological industry, getting closer to the 2015 and to the after-Expo with a series of initiatives abroad, aimed at valorizing as always the creativity and the Italian enterprises, offering new opportunities through initiatives and consultancies with a peculiar focus on the United Arab Emirates.